Archery Book for Beginners:learn how to archery in 90 minutes and pickup a new hobby! - Kevin Durant

Archery Book for Beginners:learn how to archery in 90 minutes and pickup a new hobby!

By Kevin Durant

  • Release Date: 2018-09-21
  • Genre: Sports et plein air


Learn the Fundamental Nitty-Gritty of Archery Just In 90 Minutes

 • Are you an amateur beginner who's quite keen and ambitious to learn archery fundamentals?

 • Are you looking for a reliable source using which you can garner knowledge about fundamental archery steps to success?

• Do you want to improve accuracy, increase consistency, and achieve competitive success?

Your Ultimate Guidebook Is Here!

This is the ultimate guidebook ("archery for beginners") for all amateurs that will help you learn, acquire, and master the archery fundamentals. In fact, this book features to be your one-stop solution that covers almost everything, starting with archery safety commands to various type of archery equipment and more.

The "archery for beginners" book is extremely easy to follow and contains in-depth information on each topic. Rest assured that if you can precisely follow the provided tips, tricks, and basics, then you can easily garner adequate knowledge of archery fundamentals within ninety minutes.

Since this book contains comprehensive information on each topic, you do not really need any other additional guidebook/material to follow. All you're requested to keep this excellent guidebook handy so that you can quickly lead to the path of success.

This archery guidebook is meant for the novice or beginners who do not have any prior experience in archery. The book will walk you through every important topic (in a step-by-step way) so that nothing is left out...

Your Will Learn:

 • Archery Safety Rules

 • Archery Commands

 • Archery Etiquette

 • Different Types of Archery Accessories

 • The Fundamental Archery Stances

• Shooting Techniques

 • Safety Precautions  

• Some Commonly Asked FAQs

• and much more too...

What are you waiting for? 

Quickly hit the "Buy Now" button now and get started to master archery basics cum fundamentals right away.